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Civil and Building Construction

Our Civil Engineering section carries out large-scale infrastructural projects – both in USA and abroad. Our team comprises enthusiastic and ambitious experts with comprehensive knowledge of and passion for large-scale civil engineering projects. We provide top-quality implementation and feedback – no matter the complexity or size of a project. From 2019 to 2023/24, SBC Civil Engineering is the main contractor for two airport construction projects in Nuuk and Ilulissat, Greenland. Through to 2021, we were leading a major bridge and road construction project in Florida. In 2016 we completed the refurbishment of the runway at Thule Air Base in Greenland, and in 2014 we finished a comprehensive refurbishment of the international airport at Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Master Service Agreement

Having a SBC® Service Agreement in place means you can procure and deliver projects quickly, without going through a potentially lengthy negotiation / legal process. You are starting with a duplicative blueprint that folds seamlessly into pending projects and provides the framework for well-established procedures and protocols moving forward. And, these bonds are generally easier to renew and amend as needed. Working with us, our clients benefit from richer data sets that yield greater insights, all in faster turnaround times. But we don’t stop there. Our vision is to replace today’s conventional imaging tools and processes with intelligent imaging and measurement systems. Together with our clients, we are pioneering the technologies of machine vision, data management and data analytics to bring us one step closer to full automation. We have started on this journey and are getting closer day by day.


Integrated Projects

We operate globally; supporting clients in three main areas. Coastal Infrastructure, which comprises dredging, coastal defence, port and marine construction and aquaculture. Offshore Wind industries, emerging renewable energy markets, and the Oil & Gas industry. Over 90% of the world’s trade is carried by sea, making maritime transport essential to the global economy. Shipping is an industry where even incremental change can deliver massive benefits. Our high-quality marine fuel contains less than 0.5% sulphur. It is produced with components from Neste’s own refinery, which enables stable fuel quality.


Clean Energy

We are a renewable energy project developer that specializes in solar and hydrogen energy deployment. We identify, develop, and finance viable renewable energy projects. The company is able to offset the higher initial capital costs associated with renewable generation by taking advantage of government tariffs and incentives, by strategically aligning itself with key investment banks and financial partners, and by utilizing sophisticated financing structures to raise the capital required to develop a project. Capital investment in the renewable energy sector will spur innovation and technological advancement and drive down prices, which will continue to make green energy projects more viable in the future.

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Steinbeck LLC was established in Caliornia in 1995, just three years before the establishment of Hirsch LLC in Nevada in 1998. The official merger of Hirsch LLC and SBC LLC took place in March 2009.
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